Ordinance Information

A brief description of each Ordinance is given by clicking below.  You may also review each Ordinance in its entirety.  Use the 'Back' option if you wish to return to the Website.
Ordinance I               Liquour Control
Ordinance III            Social Security Act
Ordinance IV             Electrical 
Ordinance V              Gas
Ordinance VI             Subdivision Access
Ordinance VII           Division of a Lot
Ordinance VIII          Uniform Traffic
Ordinance IX             Subdivision Control
Ordinance X              Repealed
Ordinance XI             Plumbing Code
Ordinance XII            Electrical Code
Ordinance XIII          Pension Plan
Ordinance XIV         Repealed
Ordinance XVI         Junk & Garbage 
Ordinance XVII        Rules Regarding Gerrish Twp Parks
Ordinance XVIII       Insurance Ordinance
Ordinance XIX          Noise Ordinance
Ordinance XX           Tract or Parcel 
Ordinance XXI         Gerrish Twp Police & Fire Collect Fees
Ordinance XXII        Trash & Leaf Burning
Ordinance XXIII        MI Gas Co Gas Franchise
Ordinance XXIV       Repeal Ordinance XV Boat & Dock
Ordiancce XXV         Gerrish Cemetery
Ordinance XXVI       House Number Display
Ordinance XXVII      Hazardous Material Emergency
Ordinance XXVIII     Garage/Yard/Christmas Tree Sales   
Ordinance XXIX       Disorderly Conduct
Ordinance XXX       Impound Vehicle
Ordinance XXX 1-08 Impound
Ordinance XXXI      Municipal Ord Violations Bureau
Ordinance XXXII     Enforcement Officer
Ordinance XXXIII    Fireworks
Ordinance XXXIV   Junk Vehicles
Ordinance XXXV    Residential Camping 
Ordiance   XXXXI-4 Zoning Ordinance